Virus transport and preservation medium (Inactivated)
Virus transport and preservation medium (Inactivated)
Virus transport and preservation medium (Inactivated)

Virus transport and preservation medium (Inactivated)

Universal transport and preservation medium for virus, Chlamydia and Ureaplasma sample.Avoid aerosol infection.

biocomma ® Virus transport and preservation medium (Inactivated) is universal sample collection product, avoid aerosol infection risk and suitable for various of virus, Chlamydia and Ureaplasma sample. After collecting samples, short preserve at 2-8 and long preserve at -80℃ .


  • Inactivated virus preservation formula: Hanks' balanced salts, antibiotics, BSA, cryoprotectant, biological buffer, amino acid, inactivator and RNA protectant.
  • Inactivate Virus sample in time to avoid aerosol infection and protect RNA from degradation.
  • Multiple antibiotics are used in the solution to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination.
  • BSA was added as protein stabilizer, Protect virus samples and improve separation rate.


Applicable for the collection andtransportation of clinical flu, avian flu, HFMD, measles and other virussamples as well as mycoplasma, ureaplasma, chlamydia and other samples.


  • Write the sample information onthe sticker before sampling.
  • According to the experimentpurpose, use the swab to collect samples from corresponding parts
  • Put the swab back into thepreservation solution immediately after sampling, break the swab rod and screwthe lid tightly.
  • The fresh collected samplescould be transported to lab at RT( 5-25℃), it’s better withice bag. Samples will be tested within 24 hours could be stored at 4℃, if the samples can’tbe tested within 24 hours, it should be stored at -70℃ or below (if thereis no storage condition at -70℃, it should be storedtemporarily in the refrigerator at -20℃). Samples used forvirus isolation and nucleic acid detection should be tested ASAP.
  • The specific sampling method:
    a)    Nasal swab: insert the swabhead gently into the nasal palate of the nasal canal, stay for a while, thenslowly rotate out. Swab the other side of the nostril with another swab, dipthe swab head into the preservation solution, break the swab rod and discardthe upper rod.(suitable for sampling with this product)               
    b)    Throat Swab: swab the bilateralpharyngeal tonsils and posterior pharyngeal wall, dip the swab head into thepreservation solution, break the swab rod and discard the upper rod. (suitablefor sampling with this product).


  • This product should only be used for in vitro diagnosis.
  • Not for internal or external use in humans or animals. It can cause serious events if swallowed; it is irritating to eyes and skin. If accidentally splashed into eyes, rinse with water. Ventilation should be maintained during use.
  • This product is red or colorless, transparent, non-precipitating liquid. If the properties change, such as yellow, it is prohibited to use.
  • This product is for in vitro diagnosis only.
  • The liquid in the sampling tube is the medium for transportation. The swab can’t be dipped before sampling.
  • Waste sample collection solution shall be sterilized.
  • It is prohibited to use the solution if it is found expired, the liquid is discolored, turbid,  leaked or else.

Production Line:

Automatic Dispensing

Automatic labeling

Automatic packaging

Order Informations:

1* inactivated virus sampling tube(5 mL), containing 3 mL preservation medium(Inactivated), 1* PP fiber swabs
3mL/pcs, 50pc/Box
1*inactivated virus sampling tube(5 mL), containing 3 mL preservation medium(Inactivated), No Swab
3mL/pcs, 50pc/Box

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