CommaXP® Universal Genomic DNA Extraction kits(MB96-Magnetic beads)

CommaXP® Universal Genomic DNA Extraction kits(MB96-Magnetic beads)

CommaXP® Universal Genomic DNA Extraction kits use unique buffer system and magnetic beads that can specific absorb and release DNA to extract and purify DNA. With pre-assembled washing and elution reagent in MB96, the kits can rapidly extract DNA from blood, saliva, oral swab, stool or animal tissue sample, and maximum remove impurities like protein and other organic compounds in the cells.


The purified DNA fragment is large, pure and stable, suitable for downstream applications such as restriction digestion, PCR, FQ-PCR, library preparation, southern blot and other molecular biology experiments.


  • Non-toxic and harmless, the buffer system does not contain toxic substances such as phenol and chloroform.
  • Quick and convenient operation, no need for centrifugation during the washing and elution process.
  • Applicable to various kinds of nucleic acid extraction system or workstation.


Samples like blood, saliva, oral swab, stool, animal tissue samples and so on.


Please be sure to read below notice before using this kit

Avoid freezing and thawing the samples repeatedly, otherwise the extracted genome fragments will be reduced and the concentration will decrease.

If there is precipitation in Buffer SL, re-dissolve it in water bath at 56℃。

Please handle MB96 with care, and tear off the sealing film before using.

Kit Contents

BNP009-2(64 preps)
Buffer SL
50 mL
Buffer GLS
15 mL
Buffer GB
30 mL
2 pcs
Proteinase K(20mg/mL
1 mL
Magnetic Beads
 Notice:Larger package size could be customized


This kit could be stored dry at RT(15-25℃) for up to 12 months except the Proteinase K. Please put Proteinase K at -20℃ for long time storage.

Testing Result

1,2: DNA from 400μL Saliva Sample

3,4: DNA from Oral Swab Sample

M: DNA Marker

1,2: DNA from 250μL Blood Sample

M: DNA Marker

1,2,3,4: DNA from 50mg Animal Tissue

M: DNA Marker

1,2:DNA from 200mg Stool Sample

M: DNA Marker

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