Biocomma went to Germany to attend the 2015 German ACHEMA exhibition (ACHEMA2015)

2015-06-19 10:50:00
Summary :German ACHEMA exhibition (ACHEMA2015) ACHEMA2015 opened in Frankfurt, Germany (economic center) on June 15.

German ACHEMA exhibition (ACHEMA2015) ACHEMA2015 opened in Frankfurt, Germany (economic center) on June 15. As one of the world's leading industrial exhibition, 3,767 exhibitors and 173,000 spectators from the world came to visit, thus to prove that Minge Hema is the world forum of the process industry, chemical engineering, environmental protection, pharmaceutical machinery and Biotechnology Laboratory of the peak.

In this exhibition, Biocomma focused on broadening horizons, learning advanced technologies and exchanging information and ideas with customers and dealers from all over the world. We utilized this opportunity to raise our profile and influence, as well as to learn more about product features of world-class enterprises, better improve our product structure and bring our superiority into full play. The technical staff of our company answered doubts through live demonstrations for every guest in detail at the exhibition and deeply discussed with merchants about solid-phase extraction technology, nucleic acid extraction technology, the DNA synthesis technology and so on, which was well received. The tip filters, DNA synthesis columns of Biocomma have reached the level of world level.

Through the exhibition, we also recognize the gap with other well-known manufacturers. We will continue to keep on learning and the introduction of advanced technology, constantly introducing talents, improving the sales network, getting the sales work into shape and trying to make Biocomma a world-class advanced company.

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