Copure® WAX SPE Cartridges
Copure® WAX SPE Cartridges
Copure® WAX SPE Cartridges

Copure® WAX SPE Cartridges

Extracting strong acids

Copure ®  WAX sorbent is composed of monodisperse microporous polystyrene-divinylbenzene resin particles grafted with amine functional groups. This polymeric mixed-mode sorbent features reversed-phase and weak anion exchange retention mechanisms, allowing for superb retention for strong acids.


  • Superb retention for strong acids
  • Predictable single retention mechanism
  • Stable from pH 1 to 14, compatible with common solvents


Surface area: 600 m 2/g
Particle size: 40 μm

Pore size: 300 Å


  • Analysis of strong acids drugs in biological matrices
  • Determination of strongly acidic pollutants such as perfluorinated carboxylic acids in environment and water
  • New drug discover

Order Information:

Product No. Description Format Qty.
COWAX130 Copure ® WAX SPE Cartridges 30mg/1mL 100/Box
COWAX1100 Copure ® WAX SPE Cartridges 100mg/1mL 100/Box
COWAX330 Copure ® WAX SPE Cartridges 30mg/3mL 50/Box
COWAX360 Copure ® WAX SPE Cartridges 60mg/3mL 50/Box
COWAX3200 Copure ® WAX SPE Cartridges 200mg/3mL 50/Box
COWAX3500 Copure ® WAX SPE Cartridges 500mg/3mL 50/Box
COWAX6150 Copure ® WAX SPE Cartridges 150mg/6mL 30/Box
COWAX6200 Copure ® WAX SPE Cartridges 200mg/6mL 30/Box
COWAX6500 Copure ® WAX SPE Cartridges 500mg/6mL 30/Box
COWAX12500 Copure ® WAX SPE Cartridges 500mg/12mL 20/Box
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